TMST: Keep it Classy

It is the last day of school here in Texas and boy did we earn our summer!  I'll be blogging through the summer, but possibly not as often so make sure to sign up on the top right to have the posts emailed to you.  

As we pack up our school lives and head for the pool, I want to provide you with a quick tip to help your brain remember important things after summer ends.  

My team recently did our last #CISDCHAT of the year about a tool called Google Keep.  Since it was a crazy time of year, I wanted to make sure you, my readers, benefit from the learning even if you did not get to chat with us.  

What is Google Keep?

Keep is an online space that syncs across your devices for sticky notes, to do lists, reminders and everything else your heart desires organizing.

How do I use Google Keep?

Our team found this video from Matt Miller at to be really helpful in learning to use it!

How can Google Keep be used in the Classroom?

Check out these resources from Kasey Bell at to learn more!

I especially like the way Stephanie Richter, one of the awesome Designers at Lee Elementary, is using Canva to create images for her notes in Google Keep!

Image Credit:  Stephanie Richter

How could Google Keep help YOU?

Have a great summer, Readers! KEEP it classy!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Looking forward to soaking up some more ways to better use Google and Apple in the classroom!

  2. Alli,
    Have a great summer. I actually work part-time through the summer but there is still time to enjoy my family. The time I spend at school is sometimes quiet time that allows me to regroup and plan for the coming year :) Enjoy your break!

  3. Great post! Google Keep is my new minor obsession. So useful!! Definitely quickly replacing what I was using Evernote for (which wasn't much, honestly). I did a lesson with my middle schoolers having thing use GKeep via the Chrome extension and it was super slick. Most 12 year olds didn't appreciate it as much as I did, but I did see one girl come back the next week with all of her coursework organized and color-coded in her Keep notebook :-) Changing minds, one sticky at a time!

    I too am not posting much over the summer, as I try very hard to be as present with my family as I can in the little time off I have. Glad I'm not the only one doing a tiny bit of digital detox :) Happy summer! Will I see you at ISTE next week?

  4. Thank you for the comment!! I will be at ISTE! We should meet up!! Are you presenting?

  5. Alli,

    Yet some more reasons why I wish Google wasn't blocked in China. I'd be using Classroom and Keep, it seems, in a heartbeat. I hardly use Evernote anymore, so I'm trying to look for something on the local internet here that Chinese could access. Anything like this that's practical and this good?

    By the way, I really enjoyed #notatiste17 on Twitter and Periscope. Tech is extremely awesome in cases like this!


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