TMST: Strategies for Reflection

As we truck along into January, many of you now have set up learner portfolios and are ready to proceed to the fun part - teaching learners how to self select and reflect on the learning artifacts that go into Bulb.  

The DLCs have been working hard to build and gather resources to help you.  One of my go-to spots to expand my learning and find helpful resources in general about digital portfolios and Bulb is the site below.  (Bookmark it, Dano!) We will continue to add to it as the year goes on.
For today, let's take a look at just a couple of strategies to help promote self selection and reflection by unpacking what they can do for you and your classroom!

1.  Offer Reflection Stems to Spark Thinking
Why?  Because reflection is something that most of us have to practice.  Stems trigger ideas that can be expanded.  Why not post some of these in your classroom or let learners scan a QR code for a custom prompt (learn more at this post by Tony Vincent or simpl…

TMST: One Word 2019

If you have read my blog awhile, you know that I'm not one for big, sweeping New Year's resolutions.  Instead, I go through a process to pick a word to strive toward for the year.  I originally wrote about One Word in 2016 and over the years it has become a tradition for me and many of the educators and learners with which I work.  

What is One Word?  Learn more from Jon Gordon here.

What will YOUR word be?  What words will your learners strive toward?  

Because this is a valued tradition of mine, I built a quick Numbers workflow that can help lead your learners through a process for selecting their words.  Simply click the link below, download the file and airdrop a copy to your learners.

One Word Numbers Template

This year, my word chose me by way of my best friend, who basically told me what I needed to do.  The more I thought about the word, the more I could see that she was right.

So this year, I'll be saying YES.  Not just yes to anything and everything, but I will be lear…

January Events from the DLCs

Check out these awesome events coming up this January from your DLCs!

See me or click here for more details!

TMST: Sharing to Bulb

Lately I've been exploring different ways to share projects from different apps into our digital portfolios.  This week, please enjoy this work in progress playlist of videos discussing different ways to add artifacts to Bulb.  

Sharing to Bulb Playlist

Do you have ideas for more videos?  Leave me a comment with what you need so my team and I can add to the playlist!

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TMST: Deck the Portfolios with Bulbs of Awesome

Usually at this time in December, the only bulbs I am thinking about are the ones I am putting on my Christmas tree.  This year, however, it is year 1 of our digital portfolio initiative through the tool called Bulb and visions of digital reflections have replaced the sugar plums dancing in my head.
As we have gotten started with our portfolios,  my team and I have learned a couple of things worth sharing.  Think of these tips as the trim on your portfolio “tree” aka simple tips for you and your class to help make your portfolios “sparkle”!

1. Cook up some creative images for your Bulb 

As our learners personalize their portfolios, consider letting them get creative with the images they create.  Why not have them create an avatar of themself using the drawing and shape tools in Keynote? Exported as an image, drawings can easily be added to their profile picture, providing an extra layer of safety and uniqueness.

Creating an avatar in Keynote is easy when you follow these steps:

Step 1: Us…

TMST: Hour of Code 2018

Computer Science Education Week and #HourOfCode are almost HERE!!!

This year CISD will be celebrating the week of December 3rd-9th. Our Digital Learning Coach team has worked to create some awesome resources all included on the CISD Hour of Code website.

K-2 educators will find a collection of resources that can be used with learners including unplugged activities, vocabulary and more.
3-12th grade learners can go directly to self-directed Hour of Code using Learner Choice Menus on the site. On the choice menus, learners may select one of four topics. Each topic has a learn, do, and reflect portion to complete. All reflections will be shared via a districtwide Flipgrid so we can all celebrate our learning together!
3rd-5th Grade Resources
6th-12th Grade Resources

Once your learners have participated in the Hour of Code, we encourage you to celebrate and award them their Hour of Code Certificate of Completion. A digital version of this certificate is available through the Flipgrid reflecti…

TMST: The Loom Where it Happens

Happy almost Thanksgiving, friends!  I encourage you to take the time you'd usually use to read this to go show someone some gratitude.  

In the meantime, I can't leave you hanging on a Tuesday so enjoy this visual on how to use a really awesome screencast Chrome extension.  I love that it is a one click way to create and share screencasts!

Click here to interact with the image below!

Who knows?  Maybe you'll love Loom so much you'll send me a link to your screencast in the comments!