Closing Time

The countdown is on!  Tomorrow is the last (half) day of school for our learners and our educators are about to have a much needed break.  I hope summer allows you to disconnect a little, to take things a little slower, to recharge.  
It's a great time to learn also...I know a great blog (hint, hint!).

For me, this year was tough, but that just means I was growing. 

While I was sad to leave an amazing campus, I ended up falling in love with a new one.  While I worried about keeping up with all the new things, I made connections, leaned on my people, and learned.While I struggled thinking maybe I wasn't enough, I was reminded in the relationships I made, the smiles in our learners and the growth we shared that the struggle is worth it.  For you.  For them.
I hope if your year was tough that this summer gives you a similar perspective.

So thank you for being my why. Thank you for reading.  Thank you for learning with me but also teaching me.  

When you are ready for summer learning, y…

TMST: Drag and Drop into Apple Classroom

In honor of teacher appreciation week, I'd like to "gift" you with this tip for using Apple Classroom.  I'm not going to kind of blew my mind!  Check out how to share files and open apps by dragging and dropping!

I know, right???

I learned this while checking out the NEW resources available for iPad in the Apple Teacher program.  There are 75 new learning resources available to help you better understand your and your learners' devices.  The tip above came from this video about Apple Classroom, but while you are logged in, you might want to check some of the other resources out too!

Apple's Guide to Apple Classroom Note:  To view, log in with an Apple ID. 

Read more about my experiences with Apple Teacher from the archives here.

What is your experience with the Apple Teacher program? Let me know in the comments!

For You

I often tell people I wish that I could gift them the opportunity to see educators the way I do. I am better because of the educators from which I am lucky enough to learn.  You might think that as a coach it is more about people learning from me, but what I have learned over time is that we are all in this together for our kids.  We each have an opportunity to make things better by opening our minds to learning. So thank you, for teaching me.

This week in honor of teacher appreciation week, TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) is offering all educators a free year long membership.  As a member of this organization, you would have access to professional learning experiences, member groups and more to help you connect and learn with other educators in the area of digital learning. Learn more below!

TMST: Reworking Review

Every educator has a "toolbox" of activities and strategies to use in a pinch.

I don't always highlight tools because it is not about the tools, however, I've been working with a couple lately that I can't resist sharing. 

A few weeks ago, I got to work with some educators that were designing some spiraled review stations for our learners.  It gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into a couple of tools that can be customized to highlight content and skills in a fun and gamified way.

Deck.Toys Deck.Toys allows educators to create digital pathways to help learners check for understanding of a variety of concepts. With a variety of activity modes as well as features like locks, these pathways provide the support learners may need while also adding some creative fun. Think choose your own adventure, but with content! You can pull content in from Quizlet or create your own content from scratch using a CSV file.

Try it out by testing these examples: EcosytemFractionCont…

TMST: Screentime Strategies

One of the questions I often get asked from parents is about the amount of time our learners spend on screens during the school day.  With the influx of research on young brains and screens, it is logical for parents to have questions about our 1:1 iPads and how they are being used in classrooms.  

I typically take those moments to help parents understand:

the difference between using an iPad for learning vs. as a home devicethat being 1:1 doesn't mean our learners are 1:1 or on screens in all learning activitieshow iPads are simply a vehicle for learning, not a curriculumBut as a parent myself, I can see the struggle in navigating this digital world both at school and at home.  It is so different than what we experienced, many of us parents can feel ill equipped to truly understand and promote best practices with our children.
I'll be the first to tell you that no one tool does everything (iPads included) but there is a feature of our iPads that can help us and our parents feel …

Apple Classroom Strategies

This week, let's take a deeper look at some Apple Classroom strategies that can help your end of the year classroom management.  

For more information on managing Apple Classroom, check out this post from the archives or my team's Guide to Using Apple Classroom site.

How have you used Apple Classroom successfully in your classroom?  Let me know in the comments!

TMST: Testing the Limits

It's testing week here in Texas and most of us educators are feeling a bit like:

After all, the following is very true:

That being said, since State testing has the tendency to "test our limits", I bring you a refreshing resource that can be used to help your learners vocalize and identify their social and emotional needs.  After all, if we feel this way, our learners must be drained also.  Whether your kids tested or not, our learners' world holds a lot more stressors than our world of the past.

Click the link below to learn more about how to use a premade set of slides with Pear Deck to gather information from learners. Watch the quick clip to learn more about how to use Pear Deck OR come partner with me, your DLC to get a quick tutorial!

I'll be the one in the hallway, monitoring the bathrooms.

Stay strong readers!

How do you address the social and emotional needs in your classroom?  Let me know in the comments!