Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TMST: Apple Classroom

I'm pleased to feature Apple Classroom here on the blog this week!  Let's take a look at it Q/A style!

What is Apple Classroom?

Click "Watch Apple Classroom Guided Tour" on the link below to see it in action!

Are there any special notes about getting Apple Classroom to work?

Apple Classroom works best when you are using the most updated version of iOS and Bluetooth is on.  At this time, Apple Classroom does not work with the version of iPad Mini's we have in CISD.

How do I get Apple Classroom set up for my class?

1:1 Devices (4th/5th grade)
Request it to be set up via Zendesk (see S'more for details)

Shared Devices (PreK-3rd grade, special areas)
Set up manually (See S'more for details)

This S'more below features everything you need to get Apple Classroom ready for your class.  I'd love to help you with a demo for your team, modeling with for your class or answering any other questions you might have!  

What excites you about Apple Classroom? What help do you need? Let me know in the comments!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Digital Newsletters

Are you looking for some options to create digital newsletters?  Check out the Google Drawing linked below for some great ideas!

Special thanks to Amanda Rogers for this great resource!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dot Day is coming!

I am so excited to be partnering with our awesome Media Specialists more this year! These 2 awesome ladies and their team are TOP NOTCH and they have inspired me to share a few resources for Dot Day (Sept. 15), a celebration of creativity and individuality.  

What is Dot Day and how can it be celebrated?  My friend, Cynthia Alaniz (@utalaniz), created this S'more that explains it beautifully.  You'll also be able to learn about what she is doing with our campus this week!  

I'm also excited to partner with Melinda Mangum (@melmangum) at my other campus.  We will be working with our Breakout EDU kits to try this Dot Day Breakout with our learners!

Other Dot Day 2017 Awesomeness

My amazing teammate, Amanda Rogers (@TheEdsaneT) and our Math Director for the district, Mary Kemper  (@MrsKemper) created a global FlipGrid Project for anyone to "Leave their Mark" for Dot Day!

Image Credit:  Amanda Rogers and Mary Kemper

Check it out lesson plans and more for this project here:  bit.do/mymark

Interested in designing your own activity? These Seesaw Task Cards would also fit perfectly with a Dot Day Activity!

Education is all about partnerships and making an impact...I am beyond lucky to be influenced by the amazing people mentioned in this post.  Who leaves their mark on YOU? Give them a shout out in the comments!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

TMST: Classroom Screen

This week's Teach Me Something Tuesday is dedicated to an awesome educator I get to work with everyday - May Voltz.  She shared www.classroomscreen.com on Twitter this weekend and I just HAD to try out and now share with you.  

Proof that the best PLNs aren't just global...love my local PLN too!
Www.classroomscreen.com is an easy to use landing page for classroom information.  You can customize the screen with different widgets including a QR code maker, whiteboard, timer, and more.  

Check out this quick "vlog" to learn more about how and why you may want to check this out!

What is something YOU have learned recently from your PLN (local or global)?  Share it with me in the comments!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Finding Purpose in the "Other"

Can we all just pause a second to reflect on how awesome it is to have a 3 day weekend 2 weeks into school starting?  I don't know about you, but I sure needed it after a long week of supporting our tech department, educators and learners with iPad rollout.

Image created with the Mematic App
While necessary, rolling out iPads has never been my dream.  The logistics tend to overwhelm my perfectionist soul, last minute unknowns keep everyone on their toes and hiccups are inevitable.  Always hard on myself, I worry about the time spent away from classrooms and design work as if I am constantly letting someone down.

But as I reflect on my last couple of weeks, I keep coming back to our kids.  Our kids are ready and able to learn using technology that much faster because of the team of dedicated people who helped with iPad rollout.

In education, most of us have a small line at the end of our job description: other duties as assigned. Most of the time, we think of the mundane "extras" like morning duty, making copies, attending meetings, being part of committees, etc. as what defines that.

But I started thinking...maybe that line is a subtle way of reminding us that we are servant leaders and that we do what it takes, anything it takes, to make sure our learners are taken care of well.

With that lens, even things we don't dream of about our jobs become worth it. 

May your week be full, heart happy and purpose clear, even when it seems like other duties assigned are taking up the majority of your time.  Even if they benefit only one learner, I promise, they are worth it.

What other duties will YOU perform this week and how will your lens help you to reframe the purpose of those tasks?

Keep an eye out for Teach Me Something Tuesday!

View my schedule for the week here.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Week 2 is Here!

I had such a great 1st week last week, supporting both campuses. Both campuses were able to get K-3 iPads out and classrooms began working through the Digital Literacy Overview (due date Sept 4.) and 1st login experience. I am LOVING the Flipgrid responses our kiddos have been sharing as reflection.

In addition, I was able to check in with our new hires, something I will continue to do over the coming weeks and months.  I sent them the picture below but I am pretty sure we could all use the message as we head into week 2.

We may doubt ourselves from time to time, but Ryan's got our backs.

This week starts 1:1 rollout and knowing our educators, they are beyond ready.  I will be off campus a bit to support some other campuses, but am looking forward to supporting our campuses too.

As always, you can find my schedule at the My Schedule link at the top of this blog.

Did you miss last week's post about starting with Seesaw and/or Schoology? 
Find it here.

How can I best support you this week?  Let me know in the comments!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Starting the Year Strong

It's the first week of school and there is so much I want to share that I just can't wait for Tuesday.  I, like you, get so excited to begin new school years.  This post won't be long, but I do want you to have some helpful resources that can help you to start your digital learning journey strong!

CISD Beginning of the Year K-5 Resources 

Kick off your year by providing our learners with their first digital citizenship lesson.  All learners in CISD must complete the Digital Literacy Overview by Sept. 4. When learner accounts are ready, I will email you. Then, you'll be able to help them login and change their passwords for the year using the first login quick resources.


Seesaw can be an awesome way to promote a school - home connection.  Many educators are planning to use Seesaw for digital learning journals, projects, reflection and more this year.  I recently became a Seesaw Ambassador and would love to discuss it with you if it is new to you! If you are already "ALL IN" to use it, check out these helpful getting started activities for your learners!


District created classes have been added to Schoology.  These classes are set up through Pentamation and your learners should already be in them.  If you decide to create your own class to use, don't forget to add your kids as members.  Below are some Back to School things to consider.

And lastly, whether you are itching to get started with digital learning or are still under water with all the things, please just know that I am here for you.  Let me know how I can best help you!

Image used with permission from Sam Neal, made in Canva


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