TMST: Got Bulb?

Several years ago, I was lucky enough to coach one of our district's first elementary schools to pilot 1:1 in 4th and 5th grade. I've been thinking of that small group of educators a lot lately now that our district has gone 1:1 in all grades.

As we learned together that year, we dreamed of an aligned way that learners could show their growth by self selecting items and reflecting digitally on them - a digital portfolio that could travel with them along their educational path beyond elementary school.

That time has come.  After much thought and consideration, a focus group of our CISD educators worked together to adopt our districtwide portfolio tool, Bulb. 

To help get you started, the DLCs have created a guide with resources that will help you introduce Bulb to your classroom using our district template.  
Getting Started with Bulb Portfolios in CISD
I am excited to support you and your team on this journey.  Let me know if you'd like to set up a time to discuss the getting s…

Jamming out with Jamboard


TMST: Working on Workflow

This week, I have been thinking a lot about workflow and how it can make or break a learning experience.  It is no educator's dream to have a beautifully designed lesson stall because the learners are unable to show their thinking digitally in an efficient way. 
I've seen this time and again...many times because in my own rush and excitement of content, I take for granted helping my learners practice the process of work on their iPads. It makes me think of all the procedures and expectations I used to have my learners practice at the beginning of the year.  Though that practice was an investment in time, it consistently paid me back with prepared learners throughout the year.
That's why taking time to help learners with digital workflow is so important.  I'll be visiting this topic frequently on this blog this year, but for today, let's consider my top 3 tips for helping learners with the process of work.
Tip 1 - The more you use your iPad as an educator, the easier i…

TMST: We have 1:1 iPads, Now What?

iPad rollout is finally complete and hopefully you are starting to dive into some digital learning. You might be asking yourself, "Ok, iPads are enrolled but NOW WHAT?" 

My teammate, Megan Kozar recently compiled some awesome resources to help as we all begin working within digital classroom environments. Because we are #bettertogether, I wanted to share them with you too! 1. UTILIZE LEARNER EXPERTSAs you have started working with your digital tools, I am sure a couple of students have stood out as "tech-perts". Take some of the load off of yourself and allow learners to lead when using a new app, troubleshooting a problem, or choosing a creative tool. To help learners see who to reach out to when they need help, you can build an Expert Wall like this one!

Before your students have to miss class time to find help to fix minor iPad problems, take some time to model some of these troubleshooting steps. You'd be surprised how empo…

Blogging in the New Year

Hello Blog Readers!

Remember me?  If it seems I have been a bit AWOL, well, consider this:

It's been an exciting start to the school year, but I am happy to begin getting back to my campuses.  Partnering, mentoring and designing with educators is my jam and let's face it, the kids are pretty awesome too!

Over the summer, my blog got an extreme makeover.  I'm excited to reintroduce those who consistently read as well as welcome those that are new to this diary of my learning as a digital learning coach. 

That said, here are a couple of FAQs to help you get the most from it!

Why do you blog, Alli?I love to learn.  I believe that learning shouldn't stop with one person and it is my passion to pass along what I learn.  I crave learning from others and blogging helps me to connect.  We are better together.  

This post from the archives can help you to learn more about why connecting as a coach is so important to me.  Blogging can be a conversation, so tell me in the comments...wh…


It's a new year and I am so excited because tomorrow...our educators are back!

This year has a few changes in store for me, the biggest being that I have a new campus placement.  I will still be rocking it with Cottonwood Creek Elementary, but I now get to learn from Town Center Elementary as well.

The things I value the most about what I do are the relationships I get to build with my campus families.  It's easy to forget that I "belong" to the district and campus placements can and do change.  Moving campuses has given me a wider perspective and the gift of learning but that doesn't make it easy to leave campuses and teams that have welcomed me as part of their own.

It is so bittersweet to move away from Lee, but I couldn't be more excited to take the fire Lee fostered in me with me as I move to Town Center.  I know exciting learning and growth is coming for me...and my educators as well.  

What makes YOU excited about the new year? What changes do you anticipa…

EOY Schoology Advice

Do you want to save your Schoology course content from this year so that it is easily accessible in your resource section for next year?  This video will help!  If you don’t save now, don’t worry, your course content will live on in the archived course section.  Saving to resources just makes it easier when designing over the summer or in August!