TMST: Toy Theater Virtual Manipulatives

I recently came across a tweet that was talking about a great site for virtual manipulatives and more.  Toy Theater has been so much fun to test out and explore, I just had to share it with you! 
I love the way these work on our Vivitek boards and iPads*.  Learners can easily drag and manipulate different math concepts.  

Some of my favorites:  the number charts that let you color code and seek patterns in the numbersfraction tiles that can be adjusted and compareda perimeter and area grid that helps learners calculate and visualize 2 color counters and ten frames, rekenreks and pattern blocks galore
The possibilities for classroom use seem endless.  I could see learners working with the site on their iPads, taking a screenshot and then using markup, Notability or Seesaw to annotate and explain their thinking.  Those of us that have access to Vivitek boards could add this site into a collaborative station or mini-lesson.  …

March Professional Learning Opportunities

Happy Spring Break, friends!!!

Check out these awesome events coming up this March from your DLCs including some you can do in your PJs!

TMST: Viewing your Bulb Portfolio

I have loved seeing our learners personalize and add to their digital portfolios over the last few weeks.  As Open House approaches, what better way to share our growth than through our Bulb sites?  

My teammate, Megan Kozar, recently shared tips for sharing learner work:

1. Make sure the portfolio collection is visible to "Public"
App InstructionsClassLink Instructions2. Make sure artifacts are Published and there are not any blank pages floating around in the portfolio.

3. Display the portfolio through Safari or create QR codes  Open the Safari AppNavigate to (student ID, abc####)DO NOT have students log-in to their Bulb Account (If they are logged-in, have them log-out so their portfolio can be viewed by a guest)
What is your favorite thing learners have shared so far in Bulb?  Practice locating their work from the steps above and link it to me in the comments!

TMST: Connecting Fun for Everyone

Friday was an amazing day of learning for CISD educators.  I can't wait to see the fruits of the learning impact our children.  One of my favorite parts was how connected everyone was - in person and digitally.  It made me think about opportunities our learners have that I didn't.  Our kids now have the ability to learn with and from others all across the globe without having to leave the comforts of their classroom.

I came across 2 awesome connection projects on Twitter recently that I think our learners could really benefit from - check them out below!

Join the Flat Stanley Wakelet Project!
Virtually join in on sharing your location and learn from others envelopes required!
Click here to learn more about the project

Charm learners with the St. Patrick's Day Graphing Project!
Take some tallies and share some data using some Lucky Charms cereal!

Click here to learn more about the project

Interested?  I'd love to help!  Book me for a time to help you make these dreams …

TMST: Accessibility Matters

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it truly means when we say "learning for all".  So often we focus on the big picture of designing learning but when we do, do we miss some of the small triumphs that can happen in the details?  

As educators, we are here to seek success for all and that means we need to begin celebrating and sharing the power of what our devices can do for individual learning challenges.  

This week, I worked with a learner that struggles with reading.  It made me many of us are harnessing the power of iPad accessibility settings with our learners?

With 3 built in features of his iPad, we were able to gift him with the power of reading support.  Let's break it down, vlog style!

Speak Selection - 1:19 min Speak Screen - 1:32 min Safari Reader View - 1:04

I would love to visit you and talk more about how technology can assist specific learners in your class! Book me for a visit to learn more about these features and an app that scans docu…

TMST: Strategies for Reflection

As we truck along into January, many of you now have set up learner portfolios and are ready to proceed to the fun part - teaching learners how to self select and reflect on the learning artifacts that go into Bulb.  

The DLCs have been working hard to build and gather resources to help you.  One of my go-to spots to expand my learning and find helpful resources in general about digital portfolios and Bulb is the site below.  (Bookmark it, Dano!) We will continue to add to it as the year goes on.
For today, let's take a look at just a couple of strategies to help promote self selection and reflection by unpacking what they can do for you and your classroom!

1.  Offer Reflection Stems to Spark Thinking
Why?  Because reflection is something that most of us have to practice.  Stems trigger ideas that can be expanded.  Why not post some of these in your classroom or let learners scan a QR code for a custom prompt (learn more at this post by Tony Vincent or simpl…

TMST: One Word 2019

If you have read my blog awhile, you know that I'm not one for big, sweeping New Year's resolutions.  Instead, I go through a process to pick a word to strive toward for the year.  I originally wrote about One Word in 2016 and over the years it has become a tradition for me and many of the educators and learners with which I work.  

What is One Word?  Learn more from Jon Gordon here.

What will YOUR word be?  What words will your learners strive toward?  

Because this is a valued tradition of mine, I built a quick Numbers workflow that can help lead your learners through a process for selecting their words.  Simply click the link below, download the file and airdrop a copy to your learners.

One Word Numbers Template

This year, my word chose me by way of my best friend, who basically told me what I needed to do.  The more I thought about the word, the more I could see that she was right.

So this year, I'll be saying YES.  Not just yes to anything and everything, but I will be lear…