Sunday, August 20, 2017

Starting the Year Strong

It's the first week of school and there is so much I want to share that I just can't wait for Tuesday.  I, like you, get so excited to begin new school years.  This post won't be long, but I do want you to have some helpful resources that can help you to start your digital learning journey strong!

CISD Beginning of the Year K-5 Resources 

Kick off your year by providing our learners with their first digital citizenship lesson.  All learners in CISD must complete the Digital Literacy Overview by Sept. 4. When learner accounts are ready, I will email you. Then, you'll be able to help them login and change their passwords for the year using the first login quick resources.


Seesaw can be an awesome way to promote a school - home connection.  Many educators are planning to use Seesaw for digital learning journals, projects, reflection and more this year.  I recently became a Seesaw Ambassador and would love to discuss it with you if it is new to you! If you are already "ALL IN" to use it, check out these helpful getting started activities for your learners!


District created classes have been added to Schoology.  These classes are set up through Pentamation and your learners should already be in them.  If you decide to create your own class to use, don't forget to add your kids as members.  Below are some Back to School things to consider.

And lastly, whether you are itching to get started with digital learning or are still under water with all the things, please just know that I am here for you.  Let me know how I can best help you!

Image used with permission from Sam Neal, made in Canva

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

TMST: A Couple of Randoms

Welcome back to Teach Me Something Tuesdays!  

In this weekly blog series, I try to share something I've learned, discuss new ideas or strategies, and/or showcase something I have been working on in classrooms. I typically share these on Tuesdays to hold myself accountable and give you something to look forward to midweek!

My past few days have been spent easing into the new school year with my team.  During the course of the work we have been doing, I learned 2 very random, but awesome things that may seem small, but have changed my efficiency in BIG ways!

Sometimes its the little things right?

So, did you know...

that if you click on someone's picture at the top of a Google Doc, it will take you to the exact place in the doc where they are working????

Click the picture of the person at the top right to locate them.

I can't believe how helpful this has been as my team collaborates on a long doc to reference where someone else is!!  

Or, did you know...

you can connect your iCloud Drive to your Mac for easy access across devices???

Yes!  My iCloud drive in Finder now looks like this:

This totally rocks for me as I have been using the collaborative features in Keynote on several presentations lately.  I like to be able to access them on my Mac when designing but also on my iPad for presenting.  Anything I don't need on my Mac stays in the cloud. Setting it up was so easy! Check out the steps here!

What small random things are YOU learning that can change your world in big ways?  Let me know in the comments!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Gearing up for 17-18

Hello, blog readers!

No, I didn't fall off the face of the planet.  Life events forced me to truly disconnect this summer, which I rarely do.  It was needed and it was worth it.  Since my One Word for the year is BREATHE, I knew this summer must be one of rest.

But...a new school year is upon us.  As I move from dreading the alarm clock to the inevitable excitement a new year brings, I am reminded of a quote from the movie, You've Got Mail.  

We met our new hires today during Digital Learning Day.  I wanted to tell them all the things - how our district promotes risk, how we believe in learning beyond the tools, how little kids can and will when we have growth mindsets. I wanted to tell them that is is less about technology and more about relationships, that if they are willing to let go, the sky is the limit for our kids. I wanted to tell them that they have as much to teach me as I have to offer them.

It's a lot for a "first day", but I know that they will learn that in time.  

As a Digital Learning Coach, I am only as good as the relationships I build.  I may not be able to buy them all newly sharpened pencils, but I can be there.  We are better together and it is a mission I accept with pleasure.

Here's to a GREAT year.  It will be great because we will make it so.

Teach Me Something Tuesdays will be back this year and until then, let me know what you are interested in learning in the comments!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

#ISTE17 or Bust

I'm headed to #ISTE17 this week in San Antonio! I'm so excited to learn and share with other educators.

Want to join in on the learning fun? Follow my Twitter feeds, this blog or the hashtags #ISTE17, #notatISTE or #coppelldlc!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

TMST: Keep it Classy

It is the last day of school here in Texas and boy did we earn our summer!  I'll be blogging through the summer, but possibly not as often so make sure to sign up on the top right to have the posts emailed to you.  

As we pack up our school lives and head for the pool, I want to provide you with a quick tip to help your brain remember important things after summer ends.  

My team recently did our last #CISDCHAT of the year about a tool called Google Keep.  Since it was a crazy time of year, I wanted to make sure you, my readers, benefit from the learning even if you did not get to chat with us.  

What is Google Keep?

Keep is an online space that syncs across your devices for sticky notes, to do lists, reminders and everything else your heart desires organizing.

How do I use Google Keep?

Our team found this video from Matt Miller at to be really helpful in learning to use it!

How can Google Keep be used in the Classroom?

Check out these resources from Kasey Bell at to learn more!

I especially like the way Stephanie Richter, one of the awesome Designers at Lee Elementary, is using Canva to create images for her notes in Google Keep!

Image Credit:  Stephanie Richter

How could Google Keep help YOU?

Have a great summer, Readers! KEEP it classy!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TMST: Summer Learnin'

Picture me in 50's gear as I "sing" the next line, Grease style...

Summer learnin', you'll have a blast,
Summer learnin', coming up so fa-a-ast.

DISCLAIMER: It is the end of the year, and yes, I am feeling extra nerdy.  

 As we count down the days to a much needed break, I decided this blog would be devoted to celebrating that special moment of the summer where we actually have time to breathe  focus on learning new things.  

Without further ado, here are some ways you can build your skills, focus on next year's goals, and in some cases, earn some flex hours.

DLC PL Offerings

Our DLC team is offering some great Professional Learning this summer, in person AND as virtual courses.  We'd love to have great participation from our Coppell ISD peeps.  View our Thinglink with Eduphoria links to sign up HERE.

Image created by Leigh Ann Howard in Canva

Outside of CISD Opportunities

There are some great opportunities outside of Coppell too!  My teammate, Trisha Goins (check her out - @heartinlife) made this awesome Smore of professional learning being held around the DFW area.  

Also, did you hear about Apple's Teacher Tuesdays?  I am SO excited to see they will be offering professional learning at Apple stores in our areas geared for educators! 

Keeping up with @DLCoachAlli

Lastly, there are several ways to follow my learning journey.  
  • Review past Teach Me Something Tuesday posts, archived at the top of the blog.
  • Sign up on the top right to be notified of new posts by email.
  • I'll be learning and presenting at the #ISTE17 conference June 25-28.  
  • Follow me on Twitter - @dlcoachalli

As we wrap this year up with a bow, thank you for reading and learning.  I started this blog as a way for me to focus on sharing and reflecting on my personal professional development.  It has been an awesome journey, one that I plan to continue!

What are YOU doing for PL this summer?  Share with me in the comments!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

TMST: Region 10 Tech Conference

Happy Tuesday, Blog Readers!

We are inching toward the end of the year so I will make this TMST post short.  I attended a the R10 Tech Conference yesterday and I made a quick storify of the conference hashtag.  Yes, that's right, you get to learn from me AND my PLN in this post!

A Storify is just a collection of social media posts, pictures, and links that are curated into one place!  It can be great for telling the "story" of a CBL or UBD, as a way to reflect upon your learning for summative conferences, or as an end of the year reflection activity!

How do you share out learning from conferences and PL? 


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