It's a new year and I am so excited because tomorrow...our educators are back!

This year has a few changes in store for me, the biggest being that I have a new campus placement.  I will still be rocking it with Cottonwood Creek Elementary, but I now get to learn from Town Center Elementary as well.

The things I value the most about what I do are the relationships I get to build with my campus families.  It's easy to forget that I "belong" to the district and campus placements can and do change.  Moving campuses has given me a wider perspective and the gift of learning but that doesn't make it easy to leave campuses and teams that have welcomed me as part of their own.

It is so bittersweet to move away from Lee, but I couldn't be more excited to take the fire Lee fostered in me with me as I move to Town Center.  I know exciting learning and growth is coming for me...and my educators as well.  

What makes YOU excited about the new year? What changes do you anticipa…

EOY Schoology Advice

Do you want to save your Schoology course content from this year so that it is easily accessible in your resource section for next year?  This video will help!  If you don’t save now, don’t worry, your course content will live on in the archived course section.  Saving to resources just makes it easier when designing over the summer or in August!

Summer Learning 2018

One of my favorite things about learning is that it can happen any place at any time.  That means that your summer professional learning can look however you design it.  

Will you meet a teammate to talk about an article or blog you read over coffee?

Will you listen to a new podcast by the pool or the beach?

Will you watch a Ted Talk while running on the treadmill?

Whatever you choose to do, remember that the summer is a chance for you to rest and relax, and hopefully also allow you to enjoy a slower pace.  I do my best learning when I am not stressed out and do it on my own time.  Consider your school year mantra..."If I only had more time to spend learning about..."

My team is offering several structured learning experiences this summer...some virtual, some face to face.  Check out the graphic below to learn about what is available!

There are 2 ways to participate in the  DLC PL Conference happening on Tuesday, June 5th if you are in Coppell ISD  - as a participant AND/OR as a f…

Top 5 Apple Updates

Did you hear?  Apple recently hosted a huge education event in Chicago rolling out many changes to its products and software apps that have the potential to  impact education in a major way.

There’s SO much good news from this event (including new devices priced for education) that my friend, Megan Kozar and I decided to break down some of our favorite updates for you vlog style in under 3 minutes!

What devices do these work on? These awesome features work on any devices that run iOS 11.  Don’t forget to keep your iOS updated and update your apps periodically to get the smoothest experience!

Even if your learner devices are older, you as an educator can use the updates to explore, practice and create materials for your classroom  - this is a great way to learn and explore so you are ready for when they do!

What can YOU do with these to transform a learning experience?

Need ideas?  Check in with your friendly neighborhood DLC!

Making Connections

I'm so excited to have co-written a blogpost over at my friends, Monica and Kelly's blog, Teacher Tech Tools in Under 2 Minutes this week.

Hop over using the link below to learn more about an awesome collaboration project between our campuses that proves that no matter what the age of the learner, connections help us construct meaning.  

Connecting, Collaborating, Creating

The Great iPad Challenge

I once read that in order to grow, we must learn something new everyday by getting out of our "comfort zones".

I think we sometimes make this too hard - like we have to make a big jump like changing a job or a grade level or a school placement.  But the truth is that little steps out of our comfort zones have the potential to provide just as big shifts in thinking.  

We just have to be open and take the step.

Last week, I challenged myself and my team to ditch our MacBooks for a couple of days.  It doesn't seem that big of a challenge...after all, educators in our district have been issued both Macs AND iPads in order to support learning design for our 1:1 iPad district.  But what I found was that much too often, I default to using just my MacBook.  My team felt the same.  

Now, we all tend to have a preferred device and there is nothing wrong with that.  However, I wondered what kept us going back to our MacBooks and how our perspective would change if we truly stepped into…

Apple a Week Series Wrap Up

When I started this blog series, my intent was to challenge myself to really explore how Apple can be used for deeper learning. I wanted to develop my answer to the question, “Why Apple?”  and encourage you to consider it as well. I hope it has opened your mind to some different ways that the Apple foundational programs can be used within your classroom. Though our series ends with this post, I challenge all of us to continue to share ideas in the comments, on our Flipgrid and via Twitter.  Learning, after all, isn’t ever “over” - it morphs and changes and shifts, but with an open mind, it never ceases.

I owe a great deal of thanks to my teammates who co-wrote, linked up, brainstormed ideas and recorded Flipgrid videos. Could I have written all of the posts? Maybe. But there is such power in different perspectives and learning collaboratively.  I hope that my teammates have learned from me through this process as well.

To my inspired educators who are in the trenches trying some …