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TMST: The Notes App

Are you a big fan of the Notability app?  Wish our elementary kids had access?  

Gather around, friends.  I'd like to change your life.  

For a recent webinar I co-hosted, my teammates and I were able to find a solution that mimics most of what we love about the Notability app for FREE.  In fact, it is an app that is native to our iPads which means that no download is even needed in order for our kids to annotate PDFs, create sketch notes and make meaning through note taking.  

The best part?

This app works seamlessly with Schoology.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, you think you know the Notes app on your iPad, but you have no idea.  

Check out this short excerpt from our recent Webinar that shows how to use the Notes app to annotate a PDF and share to a Schoology assignment.  

Want to hear more hidden Apple Gems like this one? Check out the full webinar recording with this and 3 other amazing tips!

Are you as pumped as I am about this?  Let me know how you might use the Notes app with your learn…

TMST: Schoology Calendar

If you know me, you know how I feel about Schoology. A one stop, EASY to use workflow solution, this learning management system has my heart as a teacher and coach.  It can benefit our learners so much.

As a parent, I love that I can get a glimpse of my child's day.  But I have to admit,  in this age of information overflow, I need all the help I can get in remembering ALL the things. 
(Can I get an AMEN?)

One thing that can really help us overloaded parents out is the use of the calendar feature in Schoology.  Not only can educators create assignments with dates that add to the calendar, but they can also create important dates directly on the calendar as well.

Are you an educator? 

Take some time to learn more about using the calendar feature in Schoology from my awesome team by checking out this archived webinar(HINT: fast forward to 27.26 and stop after 39.35 to hear the calendar features section).


Reference this Quick Tips for adding to the Schoology Calendar guide.

Are you too a …

DLC Implementation Challenges

Are you looking for opportunities to earn your FLEX hours?

Are you interested in learning more about Schoology, Google, and/or Apple? If so, your Coppell Digital Learning Coaches have designed a challenge just for you! All Implementation Challenges are now open and available for you to choose your own adventure. The challenges can be found in Schoology within the DLC PL Course. Take a look at the flyers below to learn more!

One Word 2017

What's your word?  Learn more here.

TMST: Classlink Resolutions

Welcome back dear readers!  I hope you had a relaxing break and are ready for some January action.  Those who know me know that I am not the biggest fan of the month of January so I will be pulling out all the stops to make it a great month!

I'll be posting about my one word for 2017 soon, but for today, I have other resolutions on my mind.  

Back in the fall, our technology department announced that our district would be using Classlink, a single sign on tool that lets you and your learners access important district programs from one spot.  

This, to me as your friendly resident elementary coach, is a GAME CHANGER.

We have access to so many cool things...but there are often so many different logins to remember, that getting our kiddos to get to them is like herding cattle.

Classlink has an app (that is included in Self Service) and has a web version for use on computers.  All programs that are important to your campus as well as our district should be populated in.  Don't see some…