Tuesday, November 15, 2016

TMST: Google Webinar

I am beyond lucky to work with some other amazing Digital Learning Coaches.  Last week, our Google project team produced an outstanding Webinar.  

I attended it mainly because I wanted to support them and what I got from it was so much more.  I learned a ton about Google Forms, Drawings and Slides...even though I felt pretty proficient in them already.  

Sometimes learning surprises you.  It did for me that night.  So often we think, "yeah, I already know that tool" when we have only scratched the surface of what learning design potential can be there.  Luckily, my mindset was open and because of that, I was able to see some things in a new light.  

So today for TMST, I urge you to take time to check out the Webinar recording.  Fast forward what you know, but be open to learning what you might not.  

After viewing the recording, I'd LOVE to design with you with some new ideas in mind!  Let me know in the comments what resonated with you!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Coming Soon #Hourofcode

The Hour of Code is coming!!  A nationwide week to celebrate computer science in our classrooms, this week allows our learners to experience coding in all forms as educators set aside an hour through the week to DEAC - drop everything and code.

While we are working to embed the problem solving skills involved in learning the language of coding into our classroom experiences all year round, the Hour of Code week allows us to set aside time to learn and explore with other learners throughout the globe. 

Learning is way more fun together!
How can my classroom participate?
  • Follow #hourofcode on Twitter for more ideas and use it to share out what you do!
For more tips, check out Code.org's educator guide or check in with your DLC!  

You don't have to be an expert, just let them fly!
Your DLC can help you by...
  • acting as a thought partner when you are designing experiences
  • pinpointing age appropriate activities to add to your stations, ports or menus
  • helping you to learn more about and get access to different types of robotics
Don't forget that the DLC's have items like Code-a-pillars, Osmo Coding, Ozobots, and more that can be checked out and used by our campuses.  If you are interested, reach out early as all campuses will be celebrating the Hour of Code that week!

Many robots use block coding and written coding to come to life!
I never thought in my life that I would become passionate about computer programming, but trust me, after seeing the fire in our kids' eyes, you'll be hooked too!

How will your class be participating in the #hourofcode?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TMST: Split Screen, Yes Please!

While I am working on a superfly post about the Hour of Code for later this week, I thought I'd give you a couple of nuggets of awesome for Teach Me Something Tuesday.

Have you ever noticed something on your technology but completely ignored it until the day where you were just curious enough to fall down a rabbit hole and tap/click around?

That was totally me and split screen for Mac and the multitasking features on my iPad.  

Split screen basically lets you multi-app, interacting with 2 apps or programs at the same time on your iPad or MacBook.  

For a girl who used to have 2 monitors in my past job, this is an efficiency game changer.  

Need to copy and paste something from Google Docs into Pages?  Done.
Need to refer to data or a rough draft while creating a final project or video? Easy.
Want to watch Netflix while working on lesson plans? Go Crazy. (Kidding.  Kind of.)

Getting ready to record a Shadow Puppet video while referencing my script in Google Docs on my iPad.

Checking up on my campus Twitter feeds on my Mac while writing this blog post.

I think you get the idea!  Learn more by following the links below:

Did you like this post? Keep your eyes open for some upcoming professional learning from your DLC's...we will be sharing more "Apple Gems" soon!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Upcoming Digital Learning Opportunities

Want to learn more about the digital learning opportunities happening this year?  Check out the link below to learn more about what is coming up!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

TMST: Twitter Sanity

I am often asked, "Alli, how do you keep up with all the things?"  While I stifle my laughter since most of the time I feel like I am drowning just like everyone else, my mind always ends up at Twitter.  

I know.  Twitter.  

Image Credit: Roobee

You either love it or hate it.  To honest, I hated it too circa 2009.  I laughed at people who felt the need to update everyone on everything in their lives.  I just didn't get it.

These days, you might say I am slightly addicted to Twitter.  It is my #1 place to get news, professional learning and discussion from others passionate about education like me.  I follow approximately 1,000 people and if I have one beef, it is how overwhelming having access to all that information can be.

So here is one secret of how I keep up with "all the things" - 


In my profile, I created lists of people and groups so that I can drown out the noise and filter only information that I want to see.  I have lists for each campus and for my other digital learning coaches.  I can follow other people's public lists too.

Take a quick look at this video to learn more about how to use lists to keep your Twitter sanity in check.

Video made with the OpenTest Google Chrome Extension  https://www.opentest.co/

What lists would you make to help you keep up with "all the things"?  


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