Friday, April 28, 2017

Schoology Profile Checkup

Let's "take 5" (minutes that is) for a Schoology Profile checkup!  Do you have your profile page filled out to put your best "face" forward?  Check out the video below!

Have questions?  Let me know!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

TMST: Flipping Out with FlipGrid

This week I'd love to encourage you to learn by doing!  I've talked a little about Flipgrid with some of you and I know some of you are thinking of using it soon or have had learners use it during Jodie Deinhammer's Earth Day global project.

So instead of me writing about it, let's have some stress, you get to wear your learner hat for this exercise!

Step 1
Download the Flipgrid App and enter my grid by using the code  xy69faa
Go to directly to my FlipGrid by following this link

Step 2
Pick one (or more) of my topics and record a short video response.

Don't let me be the only one talking to myself!

Step 3 (optional, but fun) 

Watch someone else's video responses.

You do not need to set up an account to participate as a learner in a grid, but you would want to if you decide to create one to use with your class. Educators get one grid like my example above to host video topics and responses for free.  To host multiple grids, you'd need to pay for an account.

The best part?  ANYONE with your code or link can join and collaborate, reflect and respond with you and your class!

Interested in learning more?  I'd love to meet with you to design a project and help you get comfortable with the educator side!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Learning is Messy

Happy Monday, Readers!

This won't be long, just a quick reflection and reminder.  I am currently learning something that feels foreign to me.  A new language, if you will.  As a high achiever, I am longing for the time when it will be easier, but I am stuck in the struggle.  

It reminds me that the process of learning is messy and it is supposed to be hard.  If it is too easy, I am not learning.  

It reminds me that mindsets are fluid.  I don't always have a growth mindset and you probably don't either.  After all, we don't "achieve" growth mindsets, we work at them.

It reminds me that I don't have to be the expert right away.  Learning takes time and patience.

It reminds me that if I feel this way, you and our kids might feel this way sometimes too.

Learning is messy, but when we work at it, it is so worth it.

Hang in there, readers, and I will too.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

TMST: Apple Design Gems

A couple of weeks ago, my team put on a webinar focusing on design resources.  I think most of the time as educators, we push ourselves to reinvent the wheel.  In some ways, this is awesome because innovation starts with creativity and new ideas.  But in other ways, I think part of our struggle in balance as educators has to do with feeling like design is all on our shoulders.

So how do we capitalize on the great design of others while continuing to seek ways to innovate and provide experiences that are customized for the needs of our learners?

There's no easy answer to that, but you have heard me say this many times over this blog...we learn better together.

That said,  I highly encourage you to add some of these Apple Design Gems to your summer learning plans.  Many resources in these Gems are made by educators like you and there are some great ideas just waiting to be uncovered.

Gem 1:  iBooks

A collection of books with resources that can be used when creating authentic learning experiences. iBooks are very interactive and can also be used for personal, professional learning.

Gem 2:  iTunesU Courses

A collection of resources for educators looking for inspiration. Inside each course you will find posts, assignments, and materials that are helpful when designing lessons.

Gem 3:  Apple Featured Collections

Features free lectures, lessons, audiobooks, iBooks, Courses and more.

Inspired?  Which of these resources will help you in designing learning?  How can I help? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

TMST: Thrively

What would you do if you could have a window into each learner's interests?  Would you engage them differently?  Would you consider designing learning content with those interests in mind?  

What would you do if you could create projects and collaboration activities around those interests?  Would you use them?

Meet Thrively, a place for learners to explore their passions and strengths inside and outside the classroom. Check out this 3 min overview video from the creators of Thrively to get a better understanding of what it can do to enhance the design of passion driven units, Genius Hour, or projects.

I have been interested in passion driven learning since reading Angela Maiers' book, The Passion Driven Classroom several years ago.  One of my schools dived into the concept of a whole campus Genius Hour not long after doing a book study on it.  Genius Hour lets learners explore and develop talents outside of traditional core content.  It is magical what our kids can do when given the chance and time to learn based on their preferences.

Thrively was something I bookmarked, pinned and came across several times after that, but it wasn't until I began playing with it that I saw how amazing it could be.  

3 things that are AWESOME about Thrively:

  1. Learners take an online interest inventory that is more than just multiple choice questions - it can be read to them, there are pictures, there are even questions that ask you to perform a specific type of movement. 
  2. Through the Teacher Dashboard, Educators can create classes of learners and can track progress, see strengths and push out "playlists" of course material like the one shown to the right.
  3. Learning is made active in Thrively through the use of journaling, portfolio and project collaboration features.
What would DLCoachAlli use it for?  

  • Gaining insight on what my learners were interested in with the interest inventory
  • Introducing the concept of Genius Hour through the Find Your Passion course
  • Creating journal reflection opportunities that add purpose to learning experiences
  • Managing projects that multiple learners with similar interests work on and add to
  • Understanding my learners better in order to build deeper relationships

What would YOU use it for? Interested in learning more?  I'd love to collaborate!  Let me know!


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