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Week 2 is Here!

I had such a great 1st week last week, supporting both campuses. Both campuses were able to get K-3 iPads out and classrooms began working through the Digital Literacy Overview (due date Sept 4.) and 1st login experience. I am LOVING the Flipgrid responses our kiddos have been sharing as reflection.

In addition, I was able to check in with our new hires, something I will continue to do over the coming weeks and months.  I sent them the picture below but I am pretty sure we could all use the message as we head into week 2.

This week starts 1:1 rollout and knowing our educators, they are beyond ready.  I will be off campus a bit to support some other campuses, but am looking forward to supporting our campuses too.

As always, you can find my schedule at the My Schedule link at the top of this blog.

Did you miss last week's post about starting with Seesaw and/or Schoology? 
Find it here.

How can I best support you this week?  Let me know in the comments!

Starting the Year Strong

It's the first week of school and there is so much I want to share that I just can't wait for Tuesday.  I, like you, get so excited to begin new school years.  This post won't be long, but I do want you to have some helpful resources that can help you to start your digital learning journey strong!
CISD Beginning of the Year K-5 Resources Kick off your year by providing our learners with their first digital citizenship lesson.  All learners in CISD must complete the Digital Literacy Overview by Sept. 4. When learner accounts are ready, I will email you. Then, you'll be able to help them login and change their passwords for the year using the first login quick resources.
K-5 Digital Literacy OverviewK-5 First Login Procedures/Password ChangesSeesawSeesaw can be an awesome way to promote a school - home connection.  Many educators are planning to use Seesaw for digital learning journals, projects, reflection and more this year.  I recently became a Seesaw Ambassador and wou…

TMST: A Couple of Randoms

Welcome back to Teach Me Something Tuesdays!  

In this weekly blog series, I try to share something I've learned, discuss new ideas or strategies, and/or showcase something I have been working on in classrooms. I typically share these on Tuesdays to hold myself accountable and give you something to look forward to midweek!

My past few days have been spent easing into the new school year with my team.  During the course of the work we have been doing, I learned 2 very random, but awesome things that may seem small, but have changed my efficiency in BIG ways!

Sometimes its the little things right?

So, did you know...

that if you click on someone's picture at the top of a Google Doc, it will take you to the exact place in the doc where they are working????

I can't believe how helpful this has been as my team collaborates on a long doc to reference where someone else is!!  

Or, did you know...

you can connect your iCloud Drive to your Mac for easy access across devices???

Yes!  My iClo…

Gearing up for 17-18

Hello, blog readers!

No, I didn't fall off the face of the planet.  Life events forced me to truly disconnect this summer, which I rarely do.  It was needed and it was worth it.  Since my One Word for the year is BREATHE, I knew this summer must be one of rest.

But...a new school year is upon us.  As I move from dreading the alarm clock to the inevitable excitement a new year brings, I am reminded of a quote from the movie, You've Got Mail.  

We met our new hires today during Digital Learning Day.  I wanted to tell them all the things - how our district promotes risk, how we believe in learning beyond the tools, how little kids can and will when we have growth mindsets. I wanted to tell them that is is less about technology and more about relationships, that if they are willing to let go, the sky is the limit for our kids. I wanted to tell them that they have as much to teach me as I have to offer them.

It's a lot for a "first day", but I know that they will learn th…