TMST: A Couple of Randoms

Welcome back to Teach Me Something Tuesdays!  

In this weekly blog series, I try to share something I've learned, discuss new ideas or strategies, and/or showcase something I have been working on in classrooms. I typically share these on Tuesdays to hold myself accountable and give you something to look forward to midweek!

My past few days have been spent easing into the new school year with my team.  During the course of the work we have been doing, I learned 2 very random, but awesome things that may seem small, but have changed my efficiency in BIG ways!

Sometimes its the little things right?

So, did you know...

that if you click on someone's picture at the top of a Google Doc, it will take you to the exact place in the doc where they are working????

Click the picture of the person at the top right to locate them.

I can't believe how helpful this has been as my team collaborates on a long doc to reference where someone else is!!  

Or, did you know...

you can connect your iCloud Drive to your Mac for easy access across devices???

Yes!  My iCloud drive in Finder now looks like this:

This totally rocks for me as I have been using the collaborative features in Keynote on several presentations lately.  I like to be able to access them on my Mac when designing but also on my iPad for presenting.  Anything I don't need on my Mac stays in the cloud. Setting it up was so easy! Check out the steps here!

What small random things are YOU learning that can change your world in big ways?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. No, I did NOT know you could go to directly where someone is editing a Google Doc! Thanks for that tip! Basically all things Google Keep have sort of been making my life better right now, from sharing notes with my husband to storing blog ideas to making rich notes with links, drawings, and images.

    1. It is seriously changing my life right now! I love Keep too. As I get more and more in it, I can see a day where I won't be able to live w/out it!


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