TMST: Flipping Out with FlipGrid

This week I'd love to encourage you to learn by doing!  I've talked a little about Flipgrid with some of you and I know some of you are thinking of using it soon or have had learners use it during Jodie Deinhammer's Earth Day global project.

So instead of me writing about it, let's have some stress, you get to wear your learner hat for this exercise!

Step 1
Download the Flipgrid App and enter my grid by using the code  xy69faa
Go to directly to my FlipGrid by following this link

Step 2
Pick one (or more) of my topics and record a short video response.

Don't let me be the only one talking to myself!

Step 3 (optional, but fun) 

Watch someone else's video responses.

You do not need to set up an account to participate as a learner in a grid, but you would want to if you decide to create one to use with your class. Educators get one grid like my example above to host video topics and responses for free.  To host multiple grids, you'd need to pay for an account.

The best part?  ANYONE with your code or link can join and collaborate, reflect and respond with you and your class!

Interested in learning more?  I'd love to meet with you to design a project and help you get comfortable with the educator side!


  1. Loved the Flipgrid challenge when I had time to finally sit down and take it. YOU ROCK


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