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My recap post of my top learning moments from TCEA is coming soon...until then, here's this week's installment of the #appleaweek series!

Once upon a time, a young 3rd grader proudly wrote a book for a Young Author’s competition.  The book, like all the others was displayed in the library for parents and families to read.  How special that girl felt to know she was an “author” and that her work was being read.  

Imagine if that girl had access to publishing to the world...where would she be?  What would she have dreamed up?  Would her passion for writing extend to more than just this blog?  

For this week’s Apple a Week, we take a look at Book Creator for Chrome, an online multi-touch book creation tool that is easy enough for our littlest of kids to create content.  It is one way our kids now can write for the world.

Let’s take a look at Book Creator for Chrome in this 5 min vlog:

With Book Creator for Chrome, our kids can:
  • Publish creative works as part of writer’s workshop
  • Inform others by designing books as part of research projects
  • Create comics that showcase understanding of historical events
  • Collaborate with others to design a how to book that contains different ways to solve math problems
  • Design original stories for a virtual library collection 

Check out this awesome book of 50 ways to use Book Creator in your Classroom!

What will YOUR learners create when the audience is unlimited?  

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  1. I love your ability to say just the right things to get me thinking. K2 will be creating a shape book next week now! :)

  2. This is so great, Alli. I love your video and the specific examples you share. We will be using Book Creator here in the library for Teen Tech Week. Any chance you have any resources geared toward the learner you could share?


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