Learning Together is Better

My favorite partner in learning and I were at it again last night.  Just a quick reminder that learning together is better...even when your learning buddy is younger than you.

Video created in Apple Clips.  Drawing Machine made with Little Bits Steam Kit.

Stay vulnerable, friends.  You might just surprise yourself with what learning you find.


  1. There's so much that children can teach us! This is a great example of a growth mindset as well as how we as teachers/parents need humility. Thank you for the reminders and inspiration.

    It looked like not only did the machine have changes made, but the paper it was drawing on was adapted throughout the steps too. What was learned in the process?

  2. Alli, thanks for sharing this! It is so great to see the process, not just the product. So often we just focus on the end result, when instead the "behind the scenes" is where the real learning takes place.


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