TMST: Summer Learnin'

Picture me in 50's gear as I "sing" the next line, Grease style...

Summer learnin', you'll have a blast,
Summer learnin', coming up so fa-a-ast.

DISCLAIMER: It is the end of the year, and yes, I am feeling extra nerdy.  

 As we count down the days to a much needed break, I decided this blog would be devoted to celebrating that special moment of the summer where we actually have time to breathe  focus on learning new things.  

Without further ado, here are some ways you can build your skills, focus on next year's goals, and in some cases, earn some flex hours.

DLC PL Offerings

Our DLC team is offering some great Professional Learning this summer, in person AND as virtual courses.  We'd love to have great participation from our Coppell ISD peeps.  View our Thinglink with Eduphoria links to sign up HERE.

Image created by Leigh Ann Howard in Canva

Outside of CISD Opportunities

There are some great opportunities outside of Coppell too!  My teammate, Trisha Goins (check her out - @heartinlife) made this awesome Smore of professional learning being held around the DFW area.  

Also, did you hear about Apple's Teacher Tuesdays?  I am SO excited to see they will be offering professional learning at Apple stores in our areas geared for educators! 

Keeping up with @DLCoachAlli

Lastly, there are several ways to follow my learning journey.  
  • Review past Teach Me Something Tuesday posts, archived at the top of the blog.
  • Sign up on the top right to be notified of new posts by email.
  • I'll be learning and presenting at the #ISTE17 conference June 25-28.  
  • Follow me on Twitter - @dlcoachalli

As we wrap this year up with a bow, thank you for reading and learning.  I started this blog as a way for me to focus on sharing and reflecting on my personal professional development.  It has been an awesome journey, one that I plan to continue!

What are YOU doing for PL this summer?  Share with me in the comments!


  1. Alli,
    Thank you for your weekly blog- it is EXCEPTIONAL and gave me many ideas for my "tool kit".
    This summer, I am looking forward to going back to some of your earlier posts and invest some time in learning more about what your blogged about!
    I also am signed up for Schoology Poolside(woot! woot!), Going Global by Design, and Multi-Cultural Literacy in the Classroom. Can't wait to share my learning and work with you next year!! :)


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